DDB Turned Lonely Island’s ‘I Just Had Sex’ Into a Song About Endangered Species

Wildlife campaign celebrates procreation

Yeah, they hit that. Want to hear the deets?

Some swaggering cartoon pandas sing a slightly more animalistic version of Lonely Island's viral blockbuster "I Just Had Sex" in a new campaign about endangered wildlife. Those bears aren't looking for back slaps just because they got lucky, though. They're propagating the species. So it's OK if they tell the world about their adventures in shagging, even if they admit their partner ate bamboo the whole time. (Doesn't matter, had sex!)

The animated short comes from the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and its new agency, DDB New York, and introduces an e-commerce website that sells related merchandise. Time to brush up on that Kama Zootra? The newly christened brand, endangered.love, can help. Proceeds from the clothing, books, accessories and art sales will go to protect pandas, sloths, rhinos, gorillas and other creatures.

Look for print ads in Vice and the New York subway, with wildlife in various stages of bumping fuzzies under the tagline, "The only thing going extinct is the missionary position." 

Check out the print work below. Click to enlarge.

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