Danny Trejo Joins L.A’s Insane Campaign About Not Being a Pain on the Train

'I know a thing or two about being rude and dangerous'

Actor Danny Trejo steps in alongside L.A. Metro ad stars Rude Dude and Super Kind. L.A. Metro
Headshot of David Griner

This time last year, the L.A. Metro system and gonzo director Mike Diva introduced us to Super Kind, a colorful superhero and pop star who fights rude behavior on mass transit.

Now she’s got a surprising ally: Danny Trejo.

The famously tough actor, star of Machete and (perhaps most famously among ad nerds) Snickers’ 2015 Super Bowl spot, takes the lead in one of the new ads from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Again directed by Diva, who built a following through surreal fake ads before creating the darkly phenomenal “Eat the Ice Cream” spot for Halo Top, the three new spots for L.A. Metro tackle more types of bad behavior on the train, including selling stuff, playing loud music and barging onboard before riders have exited.

Super Kind and her nemesis, Rude Dude, are still the stars of the show, but in one of the spots, Trejo abruptly steps in to have a word with the audience:

At more than 2 minutes long, the most epic of the new spots is essentially a music video for Super Kind’s rebuttal to everyone subway rider’s least-favorite nuisance: the music lover who can’t be bothered to use headphones.

Finally we get a brief and somewhat dark look at how Super Kind handles peddlers hawking their wares (in this case a knockoff of her own schtick, called “Supernice and Rude Boi.”

Will these spots change riders’ bad behaviors? Probably not. Jerks know they’re being jerks. But perhaps these spots will appeal enough to young viewers and plant the seeds of considerate habits in the heads of future commuters. Here’s hoping.

Client and Original Concept: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
Director of Social Media Marketing: John Gordon
Manager, Marketing & Communications: Ebby Castillo
Creative Director: Michael Lejeune
Art Director: Michele Moore
Manager, Communications: Bunrort Em
Manager, Media Relations: Dave Sotero
Senior Public Relations: Anna Poem-Chen

Creative Production Studio: Lord Danger
Director: Mike Diva
Exec. Producer: Josh Shadid
Producer: Shyam S Sengupta
Cinematographer: Aaron Grasso
Rude Dude Costuming: Fon Davis of FONCO
Super Kind Costuming: Manzi Deyoung
Super Kind Costume Design: Lauren Matesic of Castle Corsetry
Production Manager: Dante Gabiati
Production Coordinator: Marissa Alanis

Post: Lord Danger
Music: David Dahlquist
Vocals: Nisha Asnani
Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki
Editor: Mike Diva
Post Supervisor: Rob Phillips
VFX Team: Calvin Serrano, Ethan Chancer, Aaron Nelson-Purcell, Alican Eren Kuzu

Color: Apache
Colorist: Steve Rodriguez

@griner david.griner@adweek.com David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."