Daily Mail Used a Steak House’s Photo to Illustrate a (Probably Fake) Story on Cannibalism

That's chateaubriand, not long pork

Sure, it can be hard to find a good photo to illustrate an article about cannibalism, but that's really no excuse for trying to pass off a restaurant's steak as man-meat.

The owner of London's Hawksmoor steak house understandably took issue with British tabloid The Daily Mail using a photo of his (quite lovely) chateaubriand to illustrate a story about a supposed restaurant serving human meat in Nigeria.

Snopes has cast doubts on the cannibalism story's validity, and The Daily Mail today removed the article.

As for Hawksmoor owner Will Beckett, he seems to be taking the fiasco in stride. He sent a statement to several news outlets noting: "For clarity's sake we don't serve human flesh, there are no severed heads in our kitchen, and we've never even been nominated for 'Nigeria's Best Restaurant' or 'Cannibal Menu of the Year.'"

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