CP+B again finds way in front of the camera

For all the egotism of agency life, it is a life lived in the background. Regular people have no clue who makes commercials—or really care. But Crispin Porter + Bogusky isn't afraid of putting itself front and center in client campaigns. Take its new "King of the Road" promotion for Burger King. The King is using social tools like Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and even Stickybits in a real-time marketing experiment. The idea is, the King updates his location, and the first person to complete a task or find him earns a Microsoft Kinect gaming system. CP+B staffer Chad Hopenwaser (below) is the King's on-camera sidekick, and the intro video features other CP+B-ers working on the promotion. (We even get to meet Matt the Intern.) Other agencies sometimes use staffers on camera (The Martin Agency's Andy Azula famously played the UPS "Whiteboard" guy), but CP+B seems more grabby with it. (Previous examples: the "Shocking Barack" effort for Brammo, and Omid Farhang's hosting of a Coke Zero "Department of Fannovaton" promotion for March Madness.) The question is whether this is a smart use of resources (why pay for an actor?) or just another sign that CP+B is at least as intent on making itself famous as its clients.