Corcoran Will Find You the Perfect Luxury Home, If You’re a Dog

NYC brokerage's first TV spot

Corcoran is the real-estate broker for dogs. Not just any dogs, mind you. Dogs with taste. Upper East Side dogs like Marcel who have summer places in the Hamptons. Marcel likes a good shiatsu. Also a good Shih Tzu. But that's a different matter altogether. Marcel doesn't discuss such things. Too much class, Marcel. He was friends with Trouble Helmsley, you know. Met her one sunny day in Carl Schurz Park. Not the dog run. Too much class for that, Trouble. Out front of Gracie Mansion. Very pleasant afternoon, that was. Shame about Trouble, really. C'est la vie, though. The important thing to remember is, Marcel recommends Corcoran. For dogs with taste. This is Corcoran's first TV commercial. It will run on NY1 and Fox. The casting is perfect.