Coke Wants You to Float Away to Happy Land on Another Impossibly Sweet Ad

Follow the red balloon

Coca-Cola's ad strategy basically comes down to bombarding you with joy and togetherness, and a new animated spot from Wieden + Kennedy continues that tradition.

A boy bumps into a girl and lets go of a red balloon he's carrying, so he can catch the Coca-Cola she drops, because what better way to charm in a Coke commercial than to save a Coke. The camera follows the balloon as it rises past the windows of a brick building, peering into a range of shared family milestones and moments, all, naturally, including little red-wrapped bottles of sugar water.

Couples are, variously, moving in together; holding a tea party with their young daughter; visiting their college-aged son; cooking and dancing together; and celebrating their 50th anniversary. All the while, singer-songwriter Wendy Colonna croons in the background about finding happiness in a pair. It's the slightest bit reminiscent of Up, but mostly an adorable and incredibly efficient bit of storytelling that's right in the brand's wheelhouse.

Coca-Cola is no stranger to animated ads (e.g., the Polar Bears and Happiness Factory) or twee soundtracks, and it'll never stop pumping viewers full of bubbly feelings until they forget—or just stop caring—that the product isn't really that good for them, even if the brand does occasionally mix in a little sass.

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