Clothing Brand’s Lolitas Seduce and Torment Aging Security Guard

Speaking of elder abuse (see: the recent DirecTV ad)‚ teen brand YMI has a raging good time siccing a couple of Lolita types on an ancient security guard in the video below. The girls, you see, just want to have a little fun traipsing around YMI's offices after hours, trying on the skinny jeans, mini-dresses and leopard-print underthings. The guard, who looks about 150 years old, is in the way, so they rough him up a little. The pouty-mouthed burglars give him a lap dance, which really is all kinds of wrong, and the poor dude seems to be on the verge of a heart attack. Medic! At any rate, he'll have a ton of 'splaining to do when the wife finds those snaps of two scantily clad chicks on his phone. The campaign is dubbed, "One Night at YMI—Two Girls, One Adventure." And One Dead Guy?