Cisco puts its nerdy spin on Old Spice clips

The Old Spice Guy hadn't even hung up his towel before there were predictions of a rash of copycat campaigns. Cisco got a jump on the pack by literally copying the idea yesterday, only subbing in "Ted from accounting" as its nerdy star. Throughout the day, Ted responded to tweets coming to the #CiscoSPice hashtag with dorky humor that one can only assume goes over well with the BlackBerrys-in-belt-holsters set. Ted (who's actually Cisco marketing manager and occasional comedian Tim Washer) made 18 videos throughout the day, though there didn't exactly seem to be too many tweets clamoring for his response. And while the Old Spice response videos on YouTube have totaled more than 40 million views, Cisco's project was hovering a bit closer to 2,000 by the end of the day.