Chipotle Recycles Old Billboards Into Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

Give that old advertising vinyl a second life

Chipotle really wants you to know how much it loves the environment. It's already built a successful advertising strategy around trumpeting its commitment to sustainable farming. Now, the brand has taken to recycling the vinyl from its old billboard advertisements into lunch bags and selling them online to raise money for its charity organization. (Billboard bags have been made before—notably by Yak Pak and TerraCycle, which came up with messenger bags.) Under the Chipotle program, $18 gets you a super-fashionable accessory that will make you feel warm and fuzzy because you're so eco-friendly. Buy before April 14, and Chipotle will also throw in a calorie-laden burrito (claimable on Earth Day, April 22) that will make you feel like passing out because you just ate a tasty brick. Plus, ad creatives get the extra special bonus of knowing their life's work can see a more useful second act than moldering in the back of a portfolio, the archives of an industry blog or (to the tune of 10,000 pounds a year) the bottom of a landfill.