In Canada, Honda Civics Come in Giant Boxes of Fake Cereal

In a salute to the flimsy plastic cars that come shrink-wrapped in breakfast cereal, the Vancouver arm of digital agency Dare assembled this gigantic box of knockoff Cheerios, then put a real Honda Civic in front of it. The conceit is a bit fantastical. It's supposed to make driving seem more fun—ostensibly like playing with a toy car—and thus help British Columbia Honda peddle the Civic model. But it's mostly a clever spectacle for rubberneckers, joining a growing genre of over-the-top auto-related ad constructions. Kind of like the insanely tall ramp Hot Wheels is building at the Indy 500 to sell toys—only more cutesy and less terrifyingly badass. In the U.S., of course, Civic campaigns are monstrous, too—though a bit hairier. Via Creative Criminals.