Bud Light Made Its Own Line of Leisurewear, If That’s What You’re Into

Try on the Bud Light X KIBL collection for size

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

It’s not the kind of branded clothing that gets shot out of a T-shirt cannon at sporting events, but it’s mighty close.

Bud Light, in a preview it swears is not a joke, has unveiled a line of “leisurewear” during London Fashion Week that features bright-blue logo-adorned kimonos, tube socks, “slider” shower shoes and scarves that are “spiraling celebrations of comfort in the face of a slight chill.”

That’s just the beginning, according to the AB InBev brand. There’s more “high-end” apparel to come, which will be dubbed the “Bud Light X KIBL” collection.

The limited-edition line, which isn’t yet available to the public, is a teaser for an upcoming ad campaign in the U.K. that the brand is keeping close to the vest, so to speak. (To clear up any confusion, there is no waistcoat in this mix, but there is a cross-body bag, a knit cap and a “blanket,” which looks suspiciously like a beach towel, so fans can “open up to a universe of relaxing at an ideal temperature,” according to a breezily worded announcement.)

The dive into streetwear, which various food and beverage brands have been doing, is a “natural evolution” for Bud Light as it “continues to challenge the status quo,” Andre Finamore, the brand’s marketing manager, said in a statement. “Each item has been crafted to help people ‘Keep It Light’ in the face of the aspirational, modern-day pressures we all face.”

He goes on to threaten/promise a “full line of clothing and accessories.”

Celebrity Daisy Lowe, models Charlotte De Carle and Christian Arno, artist Bip Ling and others are currently showing off the logo-wear on their Instagram and social media feeds (labeled as ads). To further clarify the status of the apparel: It did not debut on the catwalk, but rather aims to drift off London Fashion Week by popping up near the action. There’s no date yet for the formal launch.

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