Bloody Parking-Lot Crime Scene: A Wrangler Production?

'Found footage' sure has a lot of jeans in it

No one falls for the "homemade" video anymore. Most of us see a shaky handheld clip or a piece of "found footage" online and immediately ask which movie or brand it's supposed to be surreptitiously promoting. Maybe that's a victory in itself, though. We want to know who's behind it. And speaking of behind, I'm just guessing this vignette is an ad for Wrangler, since it features at least a few long, loving shots of a young girl's jeans-clad bum. The video, which first surfaced on fashion blogs, is certainly trend-right, judging by Hollywood's recent output and moviegoers' ongoing fascination with pseudo-documentaries like The Devil Inside and Project X, which debuts today. The content, well, that's another story, with the majority of YouTube commenters hating on the parking-garage-set urban legend. And yet it has them talking. A word of warning: If you still haven't recovered your equilibrium from monster flick Cloverfield and that 10 minutes of ABC's The River you watched, skip this ditty.

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