Bethenny Frankel Tries to Bring ‘Real Women’ to Skinnygirl

Does she really deserve a pat on the back?

There's truth—real authenticity—in this advertising. At least, that's the promise behind campaigns like the one for just-launched Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers, a line of Spanx-like underthings from ubiquitous loudmouth and "Bravolebrity" Bethenny Frankel. See, they're using "real" women in the ads, not supermodels. And for that, the brand deserves a pat on the back. Or does it? Actually, no! And here's why: First, ads like these purposely try to equate "real" with "typical," and I'm not buying it. Sorry, Bethenny, but the typical American woman is not the same size as your relatively slim cadre of personal assistants and hairstylists. Second, campaigns like these that claim to celebrate women just as they are invariably hawk wrinkle cream, cellulite fixes and bulge-reducing skivvies. You're beautiful, really, but you want to get rid of those jiggly thighs, don't you? And for crying out loud, suck in that belly, sister. See? Now you're gorgeous. Naturally.

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