Best Wedding Present Ever? Photographer Remakes Movie Posters Starring Bride and Groom

'A labor of love, for sure'

Headshot of David Griner

In a world where love is patient and love is kind, one couple refused to play by the rules. This summer, they're going to the chapel and someone's going to get … buried!

OK, so it was actually last fall, and no one died in a fiery blast. But these parodies of Hollywood blockbuster posters for the marriage of David DiCicco and Rachael Batts are still epic enough to make Michael Bay consider a second career as a wedding planner.

The posters were the work of the Virginia couple's close friend, Nashville-based photographer and designer Andres Martinez. After helping them create a Casablanca-themed save-the-date card, Martinez spent about a month creating a series of posters starring DiCicco and Batts, who displayed them at their wedding reception.

"It was definitely a labor of love, for sure," Martinez tells AdFreak. "It was a fun project. There are few people I'd rather do that kind of thing for."

What makes the posters truly impressive is the attention to detail, from recreating the lighting effects of the originals to matching the body positioning as closely as possible. Martinez said it was the perfect outlet for his passion for learning how iconic images are created: "As I've been shooting more and more, I find myself going to magazines and posters and just looking at them, trying to reverse engineer what's going on in the photo."

Late last week, Martinez and the now-married couple decided to share the posters on Reddit, where they rapidly shot to the front page. But their glory was short-lived, as Reddit moderators removed the post from the front page after about an hour because they were concerned about including the full real names of the couple and their friends. 

Check out all the posters and their inspirations below:









@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."