Axe Employees Now Have Their Phermones Infused Into Their Business Cards

Have some of Kyle's genetic material

Lest you were worried that Axe had given up on dumb bro antics, the brand is reaching for a new low by putting the sweat of its employees on little pieces of paper and claiming those sweaty pieces of paper will help those employees get laid.

The "Pheromone Business Cards" campaign, created by Union in Toronto, shows Axe "associates"—aka, bros—excreting into headbands before lab techs "distill" each dude's body juice into "a concentrated solution," hopefully also including some kind of scent other than musk, and then drop it onto said business cards, which openly declare that they are, for example, "infused with the essence of Kyle."

Of course, the "essence of Kyle" sounds like something even more gross than sweat, but of course that's the point.

If the video is any indication, there are no women working at Axe—and if they're are, they're female lab techs who are also expected to find the men they're helping irresistible, and take them in back to show them a good time, because duh, that's the way Axe works, and more or less always has.

What is surprising, though, is the idea that Axe thinks its target would identify with business cards in the first place, since all the kids are probably just fist-bumping their phones or Facebook-ing to trade info nowadays anyways.

Or, you know, just meeting on Tinder in the first place.


Client: Axe

Project: Pheromone Business Cards

Agency: Union, Toronto, Canada

Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin

Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Glen D'Souza

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Mike Takasaki

Agency Producer: Julie Riley

Account Director: Kimberlee McCormack

Account Manager: Rhiannon Enss

Science Advisor: Rudolf Furrer

Video Credits

Agency Producers: Grace Lee, Jennifer Dark

Director: Joshua Chaiton, Touchpoint Films

Editor: Aaron Dark, School Editing

Audio: Brad Nelson, Cylinder Sound