AT&T gives Pearl Jam’s politics a boost

Net Neutrality wonks are in a twist after AT&T muted
Pearl Jam’s anti-George Bush lyrics
during its Lollapalooza Webcast. My first
thought: Pearl Jam’s still around? My second thought: Lollapalooza’s still
around? This whole affair just seems like a bad match, content-commerce-wise.
You couldn’t invent a less hip corporate entity than AT&T. It’s like
getting your granddad to Webast your rock concert. Heck, AT&T’s poky
wireless network
nearly sabotaged the iPhone launch. For Pearl Jam, this situation
ends up being a pretty big win. They get to act all self-righteous AND drive
traffic to their “uncensored” clip, leaving AT&T with only the tired spin
of, “It was all a big mistake.” But if you still need a musical lesson on the
importance of Net Neutrality, there’s always this rocking number.