At This Trivial Pursuit Hotel, You Pay for Everything by Answering Questions

Leo Burnett Moscow brings the board game to life

The right answers can get you a four-star experience. But wrong answers will leave you wishing for a hostel. Leo Burnett Moscow
Headshot of David Griner

Would you book a hotel where the quality of your stay depends on the quality of your brainpower? If so, the Trivial Pursuit Hotel located about 30 miles outside Moscow might be right for you.

Opening for a limited time, from May 20 to June 14 of this year, the hotel is a real project from Hasbro and agency Leo Burnett Moscow. That said, you can probably take the examples in the video below with a grain of salt:

The property is described on the booking site as “a two-story country house with three bedrooms, a sauna, fireplace and barbecue.”

Even booking the hotel requires you answer some Trivial Pursuit questions. (I was asked to name the river that flows through Moscow and to select Napoleon’s height in centimeters, but let’s not talk about how I did.) Completing the application process to book a stay then requires you to either share a post about it on social media or buy a copy of Trivial Pursuit from the site.

If you make it through all that, here are a few photos of where you’ll reportedly be lodging:

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