Arby’s Thanks Jon Stewart for All the Beef in This Perfect Farewell Supercut

Mocking montage airs during second-to-last Daily Show

Throughout his tenure as the host of the Daily Show Jon Stewart has loved lampooning one particular sandwich chain: Arby's. Last night, during the second-to-last episode of his 16-year run, Arby's took the opportunity to say goodbye, with a 60-second montage of Stewart's best jokes about the brand.

While, yes, a clip show is probably the cheapest and lowest form of entertainment, it works here and not just because the brand is using the Golden Girls' theme song sung by spokesman Ving Rhames.

It's a savvy, self-deprecating move for Arby's to embrace the value in Stewart gleefully joking about how terrible its product is—something most marketers would never do. At the same time, the spot is actually an opportunity to poke back at him a bit, by showcasing all of the free advertising his endless mocking has given the brand. 

In any case, tonight is Stewart's last show—so he's still got a chance to get in his last licks, if Arby's is lucky.

Check out Arby's goodbye below:

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