Amid Apple’s Big Reveals, the Most Powerful Was How Its Watch Has Saved and Improved Lives

Customers shared their stories about its myriad of features

Harrison, who is on the autism spectrum and runs cross-country, was better able to focus after syncing his Apple Watch to his headphones. Apple

There is always a great deal of anticipation (and speculation) about an Apple event. Will there be a new iPhone? How about something to do with iPads and Apple TV?

The answer to each of those questions was a “yes” at today’s event, and the brand had its usual flair with a Kim Gehrig-directed ad for the new iPhone 11. The director had a fun time touting benefits of the new device, especially with its water-resistant capabilities:

Yet, amid the cavalcade of announcements at the Steve Jobs theater, the brand shared a poignant moment when revealing the next generation of Apple Watch. Instead of a flashy presentation about features and benefits—OK, there was some of that too—Apple highlighted several customers who wrote to the brand and its CEO, Tim Cook, to share their appreciation for some life-changing moments that occurred because of the watch.

Using the footage from actual FaceTime conversations with the brand, Apple customers shared their experiences. A runner, for example, shared how the Apple Watch called 911 after he fell. Another woman noted how the watch indicated an accelerated heartbeat—and how that compelled her to get to the hospital, where her baby was delivered by an emergency C-section (the little girl makes a cute cameo).

Others shared how the Apple Watch has helped them build healthier habits and lifestyles or how the data from the device gave essential clues to hidden conditions. Additional stories include how the watch allows a deaf user to know when his son is crying in his crib. Another moving narrative features a teen on the autism spectrum who showed how the device connects to his headphones to block out distracting noises while running cross country at his school.

The “customer feedback” approach is a time-tested technique. Yet, in the case of Apple, this film shows how technology can do much more than simply tell the time, but be a force for positive change for those who use it. And the users’ gratitude is undeniable.

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.