AmEx spot takes Conan to ends of the Earth

Ogilvy has this great spot out for American Express starring Conan O'Brien. The two-minute ad shows Conan speaking what I'm assuming is Hindi in a perplexing quest in India that involves finding fabric, crushing berries and dyeing cloth—all to make curtains for his show. The entire thing is very funny and quite entertaining. It benefits from great music, beautiful scenery and Conan's terrific acting. (I'm wondering how his Hindi is to those who speak it.) The only quibble, as with most of these kinds of spots, is that the tie to the brand is tenuous at best. It's only in the last 15 seconds that AmEx is mentioned. Still, the spot is destined to be a YouTube hit among Conan loyalists—and will double as advertising for his new show, which (finally) premieres tonight on TBS.