An Airline Made Sneakers That Vibrate to Lead You Around Cities You’re Visiting

EasyJet's buzzy footwear

Imagine if you could explore Europe's greatest cities without having to constantly look down at your phone to make sure you're on course to your next destination.

U.K.-based regional airline easyJet is trying to solve that problem, at least in theory, with a new pair of internet-connected sneakers that signal to wearers when to turn left or right by vibrating underneath the respective foot. This way, sightseers' heads can stay up, taking in the surroundings while they walk, without losing their way. 

The shoes buzz twice to indicate a wrong turn, thanks to a connection to Google Maps via Bluetooth, and easyJet's proprietary app. They also adjust to provide a new route if a user veers intentionally off course. Upon arriving at the destination, both sneakers will buzz. 

A case study has more details on the tech behind the footwear, test driven in Barcelona.

easyJet hasn't yet disclosed a schedule for when the trainers will be available, reports PFSK. In other words, they're still largely conceptual, so fashion-forward tech enthusiasts probably won't be able to rock them with Levi's smart jean jacket, which lets you swipe your wrists to change the music in your earphones while buzz-bouncing down the street. 

That might be a blessing in disguise. Wearing bright orange ads for an airline on your feet might not be the best way to present yourself—in any city. 

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