AIQ Podcast: Unlocking the Potential of AI and Spatial Computing

The Microsoft Garage's Mike Pell on the creative potential of AI

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In the season finale of AIQ, host Cathy Hackl welcomes Mike Pell, director of the Microsoft Garage in New York. Pell, a seasoned technologist and author, shares his insights on the future of technology, particularly focusing on AI, spatial computing and mixed reality.

During the discussion, Pell shares his journey in the tech industry, starting from the early days of Macintosh and co-founding a software company. He highlights his contributions to innovations such as inventing the PDF and Acrobat at Adobe.

Pell then shares his thoughts on the creative potential of AI, particularly in enabling people to achieve tasks they couldn’t before. He discusses how tools like Microsoft Copilot assist users in various tasks and workflow, how AI tools are accelerating the prototyping process, and his prediction for a shift towards ambient computing, where technology seamlessly integrates into the environment.

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