Agency Recruiting Creatives on Snapchat by Asking for 10-Second Pitches

Better be brief

You are a digital idea ninja, innovating where branding meets emerging technologies. That is to say, you are an aspiring ad creative who likes shooting videos of yourself with your smartphone. That is to say, you are an aspiring ad creative. Rejoice! Now your favorite hobby may actually bear fruit.

DDB Oslo invites you to Snapchat yourself talking about your own genius. You have 10 seconds to sell an idea. That is to say, you have 10 seconds to sell yourself. If a bunch of idea ninjas—i.e., the creatives at DDB Oslo—like your pitch, they will fly you in for a job interview. At one-third the length of your traditional elevator pitch, that may seem like a lot of pressure, or like it would invite a lot of simplistic drivel. But really, we have to credit DDB Oslo for figuring out a way to make sure the spiels stay brief. And if Miller High Life can do it in one second, you can do it in 10.

Then again, the agency is mostly selling itself here. As such, it probably should have followed its own rules. The video explaining the campaign is an exhausting 42 seconds long.

Via Adrants.