Ad Says Pigs Are Friends, Not Food … and They’re Also Good at Video Games

Farm Sanctuary's cute new spot

Some tactics to get you to go vegan can be cloying or altogether horrifying. Farm Sanctuary's new 30-second ad is neither. The stop-motion animation video, developed by One/x agency, is actually kind of cute.

By pointing out that a pig can beat a chimp and a toddler at joystick video games (and still charm the toddler by sweetly staring and wagging its curly tail), the ad aims to show that pigs are more than one-dimensional beings. That's brought home with the tagline (a variation on the rehabbing sharks' line in Finding Nemo): "Pigs are friends, not food."

We certainly get that Farm Sanctuary is trying to make it harder for people to justify exploiting pigs. If you can see something or someone as emotionally and cognitively complex, it's a lot harder to want to kill them.

But they're also arguing against bacon. Bacon.


Director: Melanie Mandl

Copywriters: Jean Rhode, Kelly Beck-Byrnes

Executive Creative Director: Jason Wulfsohn

Director of Strategy: Ben Tiernan

Junior Art Director: Belinda Sumali

Voiceover: Amanda Philipson

Color Correction: David Smith

Voiceover Recording: SonicPool

Production Design: Melanie Mandl

Set Decorator: Zarouhi Mazmanyan

Character Design: Melanie Mandl, Robbie Mehring

Model Makers: Zarouhi Mazmanyan, Henry Kamp

Lighting Designer: Mark Mervis

Animation: Melanie Mandl

"Farm Runner" Video Game Design: Henry Kamp

Compositing, Rotoscoping: Henry Kamp

Mixer: David Bach

Music Composition: J. William Adkins

Special Thanks: Somewhere Something, All Sets, Brandon Fusco, Dean Styers, Keystone Art Space, Victoria Foraker, Tommi Zabrecky