Ad guy crowdsources funding for new book


It can seem like everyone who is anyone in marketing has a book nowadays. Getting a publisher can be a hassle, of course. Bud Caddell, a strategist with Victors & Spoils, went the crowdsourcing route to realize his vision for a book about the attention economy that he's tentatively calling The Bucket Brigade. Rather than scrounge around for a publisher and a piddly advance, he set up an account with crowd-funding platform Kickstarter and solicited funds to get the project off the ground. His idea was to raise $5,000. Depending on their level of contribution, backers would get a say on the book by serving on its editorial board. Thanks to the wonders of social media, not to mention a unique idea, Caddell blew past his goal and ended up with $18,591 in pledges. (The funding period ended early this morning.) Backers include prominent names in the ad world, including Mullen's Edward Boches, MDC's Faris Yakob and Anomaly's Johnny Vulkan. The best part: The entire process of getting the book off the ground is material for the book's first chapter on how networks can self-sustain.