Ad execs and their celebrity doppelgangers

Heritage_2Genealogy is probably as titillating a hobby as, say, stamp collecting. But genealogy website has lent itself a little more sex appeal by tapping into our obsession with celebrities. A free program allows users (after free registration) to upload their own photos and find what star they most resemble. It is amusing, confusing and definitely not to be taken seriously. (Race, gender and age do not apply here, so the results are hit-or-miss.) In the interest of time-suckage, I decided to run a few of the ad industry’s more famous faces through the database and my results were, um, interesting. For example, Alex Bogusky and actor Johnny Depp appeared to have been separated at birth and Paul Woolmington did bear an odd resemblence to James Earl Jones. Lee Clow registered as most closely resembling Tom Waits. Donny Deutsch, despite being on TV, must not be included in the database of 3,200 celebrities, because his portrait brought up a photo of Christian Bale. Some results were even farther afield. The software paired Jeff Goodby (ponytail, glasses) with Winston Churchill (bald, jowels). Even less flattering: Ann Hayden’s funky glasses earned her comparisons to Peter Sellers and Elvis Costello. Linda Kaplan Thaler most resembles hip-hopping Eminem, according to the computer, although hip-swiveler Shakira was a close second. And, not to be left out, a pic of Marian Salzman brought up Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel and Sarah Jessica Parker.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit