Ad Creatives Launch ‘ManServants,’ Offering Hunks for Hire Who Aren’t Just Strippers

For the woman who wants more than junk in her face

Ladies, if your idea of a good time doesn't involve a male stripper waving his junk in your face, you might want to consider instead getting a dapper hunk to cater to your every need from a respectful distance.

A new company, aptly called ManServants—conceived by a group of San Francisco-area ad creatives who've worked at AKQA—is out with a video inviting women to pay men in tuxedos to hold parasols and refill their champagne glasses, even if it means wading through a pool while still dressed in black-tie attire. Customers interested in a more casual experience might pay a guy in a cool white jeans jacket or beanie to hang around snapping photos of a client and her girlfriend, or to hold her tablet for her while she takes a bubble bath. Men are also welcome to hire ManServants, the ad suggests, perhaps to put on a push-up show and not talk.

The service itself isn't set to launch until fall. But even the commercial struggles against the incredulity of the idea, reassuring viewers at the end: "This is a real service." In other words, the well-produced spot is also fairly silly. It wraps its product in a thin critique of gender politics, as if the product it's hawking is somehow more progressive than a naked faux-fireman, rather than just an alternate, more-reserved fantasy for sale, itself rooted in traditions of power and privilege. Regardless, to each her own.

Mostly, it's surprising there isn't already more competition in the space—not counting, you know, gigolos, minus the sex.

Note: While not explicit, the video is probably NSFW.

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