A24 Drops Untitled Trailer for Mysterious, Reality-Bending Movie

Cryptic missive from 'our near future'

Yesterday, A24—the studio behind recent eccentric word-of-mouth-driven movies like The Lobster, Moonlight and Swiss Army Man—released a mysterious trailer.

Listed simply as "Untitled," there's little else that's known about the movie, or whatever this is, other than it takes place "in our near future," according to Facebook and Twitter posts from the studio.

The footage that's shown is largely people staring at things, be they screens or simply the ceiling, while a series of words such as "Realize feeling" and "Identify questions" fly by. Some scenes make it appear as if it's taking place in some futuristic cityscape; others seem to be set in what looks like current suburbia.

There's no other information that's available about the project. It's not listed on A24's website, and it doesn't seem to match any of the descriptions of what's coming up. A search for "Untitled" on IMDb doesn't yield any further clues. But what seems to be on display here is an identity-bending story focused on a handful of characters, each with their own story, though it's also unclear if there's any connective material between those stories.

What this is for, and what the story actually entails, remain to be seen. It's just the latest in a long-line of "surprise" marketing announcements by Hollywood studios, from last year's 10 Cloverfield Lane to the sudden revelation that the movie that had been produced as The Woods was actually Blair Witch.

More details to come as more information becomes available.