5 of the Greatest Creative Ideas From Students This Year

AKQA announces winner of Future Lions competition

The Future Lions competition was started 13 years ago to reward the students behind brilliant ideas with a trip to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. AKQA
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Wondering what some of the next generation of creatives are dreaming up these days? From an app that helps you figure out what items can and cannot be recycled, to an AR app that helps kids get over their fear of monsters under the bed—the next wave of creatives have plenty of great ideas.

The Future Lions competition, backed by agency AKQA, was started 13 years ago to find those ideas and reward the students behind them for their brilliance with a trip to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. This year, the competition selected five of the best and brightest ideas from around the world and is celebrating them this week in Cannes.

Participants were asked to come up with ideas that “create tomorrow” and explore how technology has the ability to transform the world. Overall, 2,290 students applied from 386 schools across 55 countries.

“The new generation of talent has unprecedented power to shape the future, as this year’s Future Lions winners demonstrate,” Michelle Lassman, AKQA group creative director, said in a statement. “These students boldly showcased inspirational an innovative thinking with ideas that have a positive impact on our world.”

For year 13, Snap Inc. and MiSK Foundation served as official partners.

Below are the five winning ideas from across the globe. While the competition does not require the students to actually create or build a prototype of their respective ideas, the concepts themselves are truly game changing.

  • Hush for Apple
    By Junggle Kim, Chaeyeong Seo and Cristina Marquez Barreto from Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Miami Ad School, Miami

  • TrashScan for Google and Conservation International
    By Emily Alek and Jingpo Li from Syracuse University

  • Truth Detector for Facebook
    By Felipe Latgé, Davi Correia, André Pico and Bruno Buhr from ESPM, Rio de Janeiro and Miami Ad School, Rio de Janeiro

  • Tittut for Ikea
    By Yerin Kim, Woo Jae Yoon and Hyei Min Park from School of Visual Arts, United States

  • Financed by the Sun for Nationwide
    By Alexandre Oliveira and João Muri from Miami Ad School, Rio de Janeiro

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