$100,000 Razor Great for Those Who Spend Lots of Time Inside Volcanos

If you've got an extra $100,000 and need a razor that could survive a road trip with Frodo Baggins to the molten heart of Mount Doom, then I've got great news. Portland, Ore.-based startup Zafirro has reportedly created a shaving razor with a handle made of incredibly rare iridium and blades hewn from artificial sapphires. And yes, they say it can survive being dropped into lava, though you might have trouble fishing it out—unless you have an arm made of iridium and fingernails made of sapphires. Only 99 are being made, so you'd better hustle if you want one. And why wouldn't you? To own a razor forged from a metal found primarily in meteorites, including one that probably wiped out the dinosaurs? This isn't a wasteful luxury. It's proof that we have kicked the natural world's ass so hard, we can use its toughest and rarest resources as toiletries. It's time to man up and claim your seat on the throne of the universe.