10 Brands That Got Creative With the Ice Bucket Challenge Without Calling on the CEO

The good, the bad and the chilly

You've seen the videos in your social feeds every day for a month. The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions for the ALS Association and is quite possibly the most successful viral charity drive of all time. 

Your friends have done it, your family has done it, celebrities have done it, maybe you've even done it. And of course, brands have been doing it. It's easy to be cynical about the latter. After all, anything that becomes this popular in our culture is destined for rampant trolling. And it is odd when brands try to make it about them.

I gotta hand it to the brands on this list, though. They didn't just toss the bucket over to the C-suite, as hundreds have done. They tried to stay in character. They tried to suspend our disbelief (that corporations are evil, faceless entities with no soul). 

That said, I'd hate to be at the meetings at Progressive where they're deciding if they should douse Flo.

Below, check out 10 brands who at least got a little creative with it.

The Pillsbury Doughboy gets sticky when wet.


The Old Spice Guy is kind of impervious to these sorts of things.


Ronald McDonald, well … nice try?


KFC's Colonel "knows a thing or two about buckets."


Macy's did not pour ice on Santa.


It's a good thing the Energizer Bunny is wearing flip-flops.


Honey Maid's Teddy Grahams get soggy.


Chili's gets chilly.


Samsung's waterproof Galaxy S5 challenges the iPhone. 


JW Marriott Hotels gets super weird on the challenge. 

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