How First-Time Advertisers Helped ViacomCBS Win Ahead of Super Bowl 55

The broadcaster counts 17 freshman brands to appear in the Big Game

"Our first-time advertisers are the ones who really listen to us," ViacomCBS ad sales chief Jo Ann Ross said. Adweek

As the ViacomCBS ad sales team worked to sell Super Bowl ads in the middle of a pandemic, it took a different approach, and aggressively courted first-time advertisers that had thrived amid Covid-19. On Sunday night, the payoff of those efforts will be clear by the number of freshman brands in the game: 17 in total at last count, according to ViacomCBS ad sales chief Jo Ann Ross.  

@kelseymsutton Kelsey Sutton is the streaming editor at Adweek, where she covers the business of streaming television.