Robert Mann

Berkeley Becomes First U.S. City To Pass Sugary Soda Tax

Berkeley, Calif., was the first city in the U.S. to tax sugary drinks, while its neighbor San Francisco rejected a similar measure on yesterday’s ballot.

Alibaba’s Profits Jump in First Quarter Since IPO

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant that wooed Wall Street, has posted a healthy profit since it became a publicly traded company in September, despite a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

Branson Vows Crash Won’t End Virgin’s Space Tourism Brand

Sir Richard Branson vows his Virgin Galactic space tourism company will not be grounded by a test flight crash that killed 39-year-old co-pilot Michael Alsbury and seriously injured pilot Peter Siebold, who parachuted to safety.

IBM’s Business Clients Are Getting More Twitter Data

IBM and Twitter are teaming up to offer businesses more data from the social network.

Ghouls Rule in This Week’s Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings

In the runup to Halloween, it seems natural that Twitterphiles would be commenting on America’s two most frightening TV series. And true to form, the Sunday night time slot once again proved to be magic for AMC’s The Walking Dead, which lit up Twitter with 552,000 tweets reaching 4.8 million users.

Could Alibaba Rescue Apple Pay?

Could an Apple-Alibaba alliance be in the works? The two formidable tech companies have started a well-choreographed dance around Apple's new mobile payment system, Apple Pay, which some big retail chains in the U.S. are snubbing. 

Google Developing Pill That Searches for Cancer and Heart Disease

Google may be best known for its search engine, but it also employs a quiet "X" team dedicated to making revolutionary discoveries.

Alibaba Is in Talks With U.S. Movie Studios to Stream in China

Alibaba founder Jack Ma, fresh off his company's record-breaking $22 billion public stock offering, is shopping for U.S. movies to stream online in China.

AMC Gets Big Piece of BBC America for $200 Million

AMC is taking over BBC America, buying a piece of the U.K. broadcasting property for a reported $200 million.

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola’s Earnings Drop as American Taste Buds Change

Americans are losing their appetites for Big Macs chased down by Cokes, forcing two megabrands to re-think how to gain market share.