Intel Will Reportedly Be Inside the New Version of Google Glass

Could increase battery life

Intel will craft the chip inside the next version of Google Glass, which could lead to a longer battery life and new workplace applications, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cited unnamed sources.

Google is expected to release the new Glass sometime in 2015. Intel's chip will replace Texas Instrument's processor following criticism that the device's battery life only lasts a few days—a few hours if the wearer uses functions like video recording.

The Journal said all three companies declined comment.

This marks a big step for Intel as it marches into wearable technology. It recently introduced a smart bracelet targeting fashion-conscious techies. And an improved Google Glass could appeal to workplaces. Google continues to invest in its Glass at Work program to make the device useful for offices, hospitals, oil fields and logistics companies.

It's not the first time Google and Intel have teamed up. You'll find Intel chips in Google servers, Android and Chrome operating systems, self-driving cars and the Nexus Player, a new Google streaming-media device.