Erin Griffith

Buddy Media Turns a Page

I was glad I hadn’t worn heels—the floors of Buddy Media’s New York headquarters were carpeted in balloons. The company had recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, which had included morning mimosas and finger-paint graffiti that covered every inch of exposed glass.

Google Knows All—Even Your Halloween Guise

Some things never change. While zombies and vampires are all the rage and actually relevant to the season, Google searches for Halloween costumes this year skewed, unsurprisingly, perhaps sadly, toward the sexy.

Video Bargain Bin for Brands

The modern day brand is a content machine—it must fan, friend, and follow as easily as it entertains, evokes, and engages. That need for constant output can get expensive and has created enough demand to transform crowdsourcing, a content solution once seen as a novelty, into a serious cost-saving option used by agencies and major brand advertisers alike. Posing Greater Threat to Print is the silent, cash-rich killer of the once-fat Sunday paper ad section. And soon it will be going public.

Federated Expands Long Tail Ad Empire to WordPress blogs just got ad-friendlier. On the heels of its acquisition of Lijit Networks, Federated Media Publishing has struck a deal to expand its ad network further, offering bloggers the ability to tap into its monetization tools. The opt-in service will give Federated the opportunity to represent the open source platform’s 24 million blogs and sites.

Is Location-Based Mobile Advertising Real?

The mobile ad world often gets accused of living in the future, discussing pie-in-the-sky capabilities that aren't yet possible. One of those capabilities is location-based ad targeting. It sounds straightforward—marketers serve ads to mobile users based on where they are—but in reality, it's far more complicated.

For Data Geeks, the Gift of Search

Imagine a Google search that returns a spreadsheet of compartmentalized factoids, rather than a list of links. Sounds complicated to the average Google searcher, but to data junkies, especially direct marketers, it may be extremely helpful. 

Social Marketers: Plan for the Marriage, Not the Wedding

Social media marketing is new, changing constantly, and for many, confusing as hell. Fortunately the nascent industry has no shortage of social gurus, ninjas, and wizards hawking their version of best practices to the masses.

Can Traditional Radio and Pandora Live Together in Harmony?

Terrestrial radio isn’t going anywhere, according, unsurprisingly, to terrestrial radio execs. Even with the explosion of digital streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and MOG, representives from Clear Channel, Emmis Radio, and the Radio Advertising Bureau made the case for the continued viability of their businesses in an Advertising Week panel at the Times Center in New York.

Xbox 360 Gets Content-y

This holiday season Microsoft is giving the gift of content. Through its Xbox gaming system, the company has announced a content deal with more than 40 entertainment providers spanning cable, news, online video, and music, giving nongamers incentive to buy an Xbox and cable subscribers incentive to drop their subscriptions.