Brave Commerce Podcast: Reducing Friction for Consumers to Drive Ecommerce Growth

Lewis Broadnax of Sazerac on how he approaches the consumer experience

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On this episode of Brave Commerce, Lewis Broadnax, vice president of global ecommerce and digital at Sazerac Company, shares four major pivot points that have shaped the trajectory of his career and his approach to consumer experience. He prioritizes reducing consumer friction both by testing and implementing the right mar-tech solutions and taking a true multichannel approach, i.e., being where the consumer wants to shop.

Beyond his work as an ecommerce leader, he makes a point to support DEI initiatives both at Sazerac and across the ecommerce landscape. Experience has taught him that the most effective DEI programs take a micro approach, focusing on individual interactions and development. He sees potential for the creator economy to lead to more opportunities for mentorship and partnership.

Key takeaways:

  • Reserve 10%-15% percent of your budget to test new mar-tech solutions.
  • Platforms and channels that offer more transparency are going to win with the consumer.
  • Consumers do not care about your internal structure; they care about their shopping experience.