Brave Commerce Podcast: Developing a Holistic Brand Experience

Kalen Thornton of PepsiCo on cultural relevance as a brand and innovative marketing campaigns

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In this week’s episode of Brave Commerce, Kalen Thornton, chief marketing officer of Gatorade at PepsiCo, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss marketing and product innovation.

Thornton begins by explaining his atypical career, being a professional athlete and finance professional, and then applying those skills to his current work in marketing. As a leader of the Gatorade brand, Thornton shares how his experience as a football player for the Dallas Cowboys has helped him build relationships with the athletes Gatorade works with. Speaking on Gatorade’s Fuel Tomorrow campaign, Thornton tells Tipograph and Hostetter how Gatorade focuses on giving back to underserved communities and future generations of athletes. Thornton then talks about how this initiative has strengthened the brand’s DTC efforts, stressing the importance of cultural relevance as the brand grows.

In closing, Thornton articulates the full sweep of products Gatorade offers in its portfolio, and how these products help serve a multifaceted consumer’s needs.

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