Brave Commerce Podcast: Bringing Joy to Consumers

Hasbro president and COO Eric Nyman discusses cross-generational merchandising

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In this episode of Brave Commerce, Hasbro President and chief operating officer Eric Nyman joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss everything from product diversity—Wordle the Party Game anyone?—to how they respond to consumer insights to fostering employee growth and development.

Hasbro offers fun for all ages. Thus they have a deep understanding of cross-generational merchandising, marketing and ecommerce strategy. Nyman delves into Hasbro’s power as a brand-building entity driven by connections and conversations with consumers. The breadth of revenue streams that Nyman oversees at Hasbro is mind-boggling including entertainment, hands-on experiences, and, of course, toy and game sales.

Nyman paints a picture with the consumer at the center of everything they do followed by the brands and then the innumerable possible activations for each of those brands. This model helps to empower employees to set their own course for growth in the direction that aligns with their passions.

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