MTV and Sprint Push Ad-Supported Networks

Mediaweek is reporting that MTV and Sprint are launching three new networks based on their wireless video content platform. The networks include wireless versions of MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. […]

Weather Channel Mobilizes Targeted Ads

In a new twist, the Weather Channel is now the first mobile service that can target advertising based on — you guessed it — current weather conditions. It works with […]

Yahoo Jumps Into Mobile Ad Market

In a bid to outshine Google in the mobile space, Yahoo is announcing a new Web ad network initiative today for cell phones. This lets marketers place ads simultaneously within […]

Sprint Finally Gets Realistic About Music Downloads

For well over a year, Sprint has been charging $2.49 per music download from their cell phones. As you can imagine, this price hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, […]

Amaztype – Visual Amazon Shopping

This month on my series of posts “Flash Site of the Month” I have picked really unique site called Amaztype – it is visual search engine of Amazon marketplace with […]

BusinessWeek: Mobile TV Adoption To Be Slow

This BusinessWeek column by Jon Fine makes a compelling case for mobile TV adoption to be sluggish in the U.S. It makes sense to us, because there are so many […]

Apple Had Better Hold Onto Steve Jobs

Think CEOs are overpaid? Apparently Apple couldn’t pay Steve Jobs enough. As this Apple 2.0 blog post reports, Barron’s each year surveys business leaders to “identify CEOs who have top-notch […]

Soon You Can Shop From Your Cell Phone

Pay for your latte with your cell phone? Soon it will be possible, according to this Reuters report. At CTIA Wireless in Orlando, the wireless industry is gearing up for […]

Amp’d Mobile Dumps Ad Agency

Advertising Age is reporting that Amp’d Mobile just opened up its $35 million ad account for “creative review.” Taxi, the agency that launched the brand in the US, “will not […]

New “Mobizines” from Forbes and

According to MocoNews, Forbes and are the latest companies to launch Mobizines. Mobizines are more sophisticated than traditional mobile Web sites, in that they require you download an application […]