Facebook signs exclusive ad sales deal with Microsoft

According to a statement released at 12:01am tonight, Microsoft and Facebook have formed a strategic alliance that grants Microsoft exclusive ad sales rights on Facebook. The rumored three-year deal was […]

Neave.tv – Flash Video Application

Paul Neave has launched new project called Neave.tv – his personal TV channel. Neave.tv is flash based tv channel that use videos from Blip.tv, Google Video and YouTube, it is […]

Web 2.0 logo creator

Surfing the internet I found interesting site full of irony about Web 2.0. This site simply is Web 2.0 logo generator where you can simply create Web 2.0 style logo. […]

Rarhost – free rar file hosting

Today many file hosting sites are trying to offer file hosting for wide type of file formats, but Rarhost has found their niche on .rar file archive hosting. ?

Facebook Firefox extension adds Browster/MySpace-like features

Sarah Williams has a nice summary of a new Facebook “FaceLift” Firefox extension available from StudioLD. The main feature is full profiles that pop-over upon rolling over friend thumbnails. Reminds […]

Facebook courting developer community with new APIs

Today, Facebook released a set of APIs that allow developers to retrieve and display proprietary Facebook information in web and desktop applications. Information that is available via the documented functions […]

Websites that changed the world

Here is list of websites that changed the world and thinking of many people. 1. eBay.com – Auction and shopping site Users: 168m 2. wikipedia.org – Online encyclopaedia Users: 912,000 […]

Netscape and Digg battle – second wave

First Netscape announced that they are hiring top Digg users to work for Netscape. Now Netscape and Digg battle is getting more interesting and one Digg fan has launched a […]

Apple Design Awards 2006 winners

“The Apple Design Awards is an annual contest, sponsored by Apple, to recognize technical excellence and outstanding achievement on Mac OS X.” ?

Fanpop – Social Network for Fans

Fanpop is a social network where people create spots for something they have interest to. You can create a spot and then any fan can share a link with possibilities […]