Access Blocked Myspace, Facebook,Bebo From School or Work

I’m still receiving questions how to access blocked social network sites like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut or Bebo etc. Looks like school IT administrators doesn’t like social networking at all and […]

Simpsons Character Generator – Create Your Simpsons Avatar

Thanks to Onkulis I found that on the upcoming “The Simpsons Movie” homepage is made pretty nice character generator. Now anybody can create their Simpsons-like avatars to add some fun […]

Stunning Revelation: Mobile Ads are Annoying

MocoNews is reporting that in a recent survey by Harris Interactive, the most accepted form of mobile advertising – sponsored text links in searches – was deemed unacceptable by 74 […]

Successfully Marketing With Facebook

I was browsing through the Facebook application directory last night and stumbled upon the Blog Tips application. As usual I checked out who the developer was and noticed that it […]

Warner and Sony Plunge into Pirate Markets

In the “If you can’t shut ’em down, join ’em” department, Warner and Sony just formed a digital music site in Moscow. Backed by metals billionaire Len Blavatnik, the joint […]

NYT Analyzes the Universal/Apple Spat

We’re fascinated with the ongoing Universal vs. Apple smack-down, mainly because we can’t wait to see who blinks. But The New York Times has a different idea, saying in this […]

Talking With Facebook's Music Master

There has been a significant amount of buzz surrounding Numair Faraz’s Facebook application, Audio. I questioned whether Audio would keep running back in May. Three weeks later, the Wall Street […]

First Venture Capital Fund for Facebook Applications Launches

Every Facebook developer’s ears should perk up a little tonight because Bay Partners is launching the first-ever VC fund specifically earmarked for investing in Facebook applications today. It’s called AppFactory: […]

Apparently Facebook Has Their Exit Strategy

According to a new Facebook job listing, it looks like Facebook may just be planning to go public. Facebook is looking to hire someone with “Minimum 4 years stock administration […]

Facebook looking for a little help with SOX compliance

According to a new Facebook job posting, the company is looking for someone to run their stock option plan who knows how to deal with the SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley paperwork. […]