Paid search and the pope

As any high-profile media event does, the death of Pope John Paul II has brought out the advertisers. In terms of paid search, Googling “Pope” or “Pope John Paul II” […]

The healthcare provider strikes back: the sequel

When we last left our protagonist—that would be me—I had been told by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield that spraining my ankle while stepping off a stationary ski shuttle bus […]

Someone help Walter, if he exists

This new blog has to be a marketing stunt for some dating Web site. The “blogger,” named Walter, in a quest for love, claims to have put a billboard up […]

‘NYT’ comes up with the stalker-eulogy

We can credit The New York Times with inventing a new literary genre: the stalker-eulogy. A couple days after the April 5 death of novelist Saul Bellow, the paper’s editorial […]

Cats dig the Whiskas Web site

Call it “kitty porn.” A computer teacher from San Francisco writes to Whiskas’ ad agency, TBWA\Chiat\Day in Playa del Rey, Calif., that her cat, Boop, is addicted to the Whiskas […]

Salad days for the cookie monster

Somehow, “C is for carrot” doesn’t have the same ring to it. According to this story, Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is going to cut back a little on his cookie […]

Zen: Now part of a complete breakfast

So, you’re seeking a high fiber cereal *and* spiritual enlightenment? Rolled oats and old rotes rolled into one? You’ve found it in the latest cereal by Nature’s Path. It’s called […]

Great opportunity: A depressing job at JWT

CAUTION: Side effects of working at J. Walter Thompson’s Detroit office may include depression, dry mouth, ulcers and stress-induced hallucinations that, if you’re lucky, may inspire an award-winning campaign. A […]

Beware any bewildering bewailing

As part of this Saturday’s ceremony at which the Church of England blesses their marriage, reports BBC News, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will acknowledge their “manifold sins and […]

Profanity, special sauce, lettuce, cheese

Well, McDonald’s was asking for it, and they got it: A group called Gatbustaz has released a hip-hop song laden with Big Mac references—and laden also with sex, violence and […]