Zipcar Moves Along With eFlicks

Zipcar’s first image cam paign, developed by eFlicks Media, is expected to roll out in the metropolitan New York area later this month.

At press time, the five-person Bos ton shop was putting the final touches on a print and direct-marketing effort. The work aims to reach city dwel lers of all ages who want the convenience of having access to a car but don’t want the hassle and expense of maintenance, parking and insurance.

Spending has yet to be determined, but sources said a low-budget, highly targeted effort is expected. Ads in neighborhood pub lications will be the focus of the campaign. One execution, showing an outline of a Volkswagen Beetle, features the headline, “Yes, you CAN borrow the keys.” The campaign is tagged, “Wheels when you want them.”

“The tag really says what we want it to say—we’re building from there,” said Nancy Rosenzweig, vp, marketing at Zipcar.

“We’re trying to do things that are fun. It’s a fun product that has a social-awareness com ponent,” en couraging car-sharing, said Martha Shaw, founder and executive creative director of eFlicks.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Zipcar made its debut in the Boston area two years ago. It has since exp and ed to Washington, D.C., and, two weeks ago, to greater NewYork.

The campaign is being rolled out first in New York because the service is already fairly well-established in Boston and Washington, Rosenzweig said. Placement is handled in-house.

Zipcar serves about 2,000 customers. Members pay a $75 yearly fee then rent the cars on a daily or hourly basis through online and phone reservations. The company covers parking, insurance and gas for the cars, which are kept at various locations throughout the cities they serve.

Previously, Zipcar had done little advertising, relying instead on press reports and its logo emblazoned on the sides of its VWs, Hondas and Fords. The client has run a handful of outdoor and transit ads in Boston, created mainly in-house.

Shaw and Rosenzweig became friendly through their mutual interest in socially responsible mar keting. Rosenzweig consulted with Shaw on her agency’s advertising efforts for yogurt marketer Stonyfield Farms. Other eFlicks clients include Ben & Jerry’s, the Boston Museum of Science and Sun & Earth, an eco-friendly household-cleaning-products company.