Y&R Readies Dual Efforts for AT&T

NEW YORK Young & Rubicam this weekend launches two campaigns for AT&T that tout the telecom’s breadth of consumer offerings and its global networking capabilities for businesses. The double-barrel approach will be backed by more than $200 million, according to the Bedminster, N.J.-based client.

The business campaign introduced the tagline, “The world’s networking company.” The consumer effort is tagless, but uses the ampersand from the AT&T name to emphasize the connectivity of its service offerings, from local and long-distance calling to Internet and broadband access.

The efforts mark the “boldest and most visible statement yet of the company’s transformation form a telephone company to the industry’s leader in provider of communications services and networking solutions,” said AT&T chairman Dave Dorman, in a statement.

A consumer spot, dubbed “Anthem,” features a split-screen montage of inter-connecting faces backed by a chorus of “Come together.” A voiceover explains, “The many ways we communicate are coming together for you . . . with &. Only from AT&T.”

Another consumer spot, “Grandma,” employs snippets from phone conversations, cutting them off at the “&.” The ad touts a range of consumer services available at one flat rate and one bill.

One of the business-directed spots, “Rain,” juxtaposes a montage of freeze-framed action with a voiceover that says, “In a world where business can’t make a move without a network, wouldn’t it be great to have a network that can move your business?” As the voiceover explains how AT&T helps businesses, the action on the screen unfreezes.

The effort from New York-based WPP Group shop Y&R also includes print and outdoor ads.