Y&R, IBD Attack Investing Myths

$20 Mil. National Campaign Positions Paper as a New Approach
SAN FRANCISCO–Investor’s Business Daily doesn’t want to be viewed any longer as just another business newspaper.
The financial daily recently launched a $20 million national campaign via Young & Rubicam, San Francisco, that targets the growing number of people who are making their own stock decisions.
“Investors often buy the wrong stocks for the wrong reasons,” IBD chairman and founder Bill O’Neil said. “With 10,000 stocks to choose from, you need to be able to pick the best of the best and time your trade. … IBD helps investors by doing a lot of the up-front investigation for them.”
The campaign, which broke during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, looks at several common plights new investors face. Three 30-second spots show frustrated-looking businessmen while a voiceover details the pitfalls of personal investing.
In a spot titled “2%/Blue,” a voiceover poses the question: “Only 2 percent of stocks make you
rich. Why do you keep buying the other 98 percent?”
Another spot, titled “Buy Low/Yellow,” asks why a traditional financial tip such as “Buy
low and sell high” is sometimes unsound advice.
The spots end with the tagline “Don’t read it. Use it,” and then plug the paper.
“The whole idea was that this is an investment tool. … The paper has information that The Wall Street Journal and other publications just don’t have,” said Charlie McQuilkin, art director on the campaign.
“We decided to build a campaign around their business strategy,” McQuilkin added. “Many people get used to old thinking, and [this paper] gives you a new way of looking at stocks.”
IBD launched in 1984. The paper now has a paid circulation of around 294,000.
Y&R won the newspaper’s ad account in January. The agency has also designed print and outdoor work that uses the same theme as the TV ads.