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Yes, But is it Art?

One Ammirati Puris Lintas print ad for Compaq Computer has reached far beyond its original audience of laptop users-it now graces the walls of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
The ad (shown here) is one of a series that broke last summer. It depicts a mother working at home, on her Compaq portable. Her daughter sits beside her reading a book, her leg encased in a cast. The image, sans copy, is part of an exhibit sponsored by Wired magazine.
The ad appears to be a painting, but in fact is entirely computer generated. Art director John Morton helped create the ad, which began as a pencil sketch he scanned into his computer. It was then emailed to Long Island, N.Y.-based illustrator William Low. The two exchanged emails and eventually disks until the image was complete. (They have yet to meet in person.)
“The whole campaign is more human than a lot of business advertising,” said Morton. -Sloane Lucas