Yahoo Adds New GeoCities Services

In its latest bid to generate ongoing subscription revenue, Yahoo! Inc. is introducing new enhancements for its popular GeoCities network of personal Web pages Tuesday.

The GeoCities Pro, which costs $8.95 per month, plus a $15 setup fee, and GeoCities Webmaster, which costs $11.95 a month plus the $15 fee, let GeoCities users advance their Web pages.

The new features include up to 25 megabytes of storage; e-mail accounts linked to the pages; the ability to password-protect certain sections; search functions; better customer service and five sub-domains that can help organize the site.

People who sign up for either service will be able to have their pages free of advertising. Basic GeoCities pages will remain free and still will have ads.

Mark Feldman, a senior producer for GeoCities, said the new services provide “tools our users want and need.”

In the past, GeoCities has offered a $4.95-per month service, called GeoPlus, with more storage space and fewer ads. But the new offerings are the first premium packages Yahoo has deployed on GeoCities since acquiring the network for $5 billion in 1999.

GeoCities attracted 24.1 million visitors in June, the most among the nearly two dozen personal Web page-publishing sites measured by Jupiter Media Metrix.

Yahoo has been rolling out several new premium services in hopes of reducing its reliance on advertising, which generated 90 percent of last year’s $1.1 billion in revenue. Analysts have said consumers have been slow to buy most of the new services.

Shares of Yahoo were down 69 cents, nearly 5 percent, to $13.42 at the close of trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market Monday.

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