Campbell McCool wasn’t kidding when he said his most recent account “just walked through the door.” That it was the wrong door worked in his favor.
Recently, McCool, president of Atlanta agency McCool Communications, was minding his own business when in walked Ian Lloyd-Jones, president of The Camberley Hotel Co.
in Atlanta. Camberley owns and/or manages such properties as the Algonquin in New York (shown here) and the Drake Oak Brook in Chicago.
Lloyd-Jones had been looking for Sadler & Streib, a startup agency next door to McCool Communications. McCool said he pointed the client in the right direction, but after seeing the agency’s work on the walls, Lloyd-Jones wanted to speak further with McCool.
By day’s end the two had bonded over William Faulkner–the Algonquin was a haunt of the author’s during the 1920s, and McCool is a fan.
Camberley, which confirmed McCool’s story, had also heard a presentation from Sadler & Streib. But in the end, McCool walked away with the business.
–Katy Eckmann