would you trust these guys?

Who better to promote a high-tech service than a swollen-headed master of evil and conflicted werewolf?
Those two are among the unlikely consumers who love Driveway.com and say so in a new $4 million campaign by Elvis & Bonaparte, Portland, Ore.
In one ad, the members of a frightening Eastern European folk-rock act explain how Driveway helps them “share our travels with everyone in village.”
“We are wicked phat,” says one of the brothers.
“Moon comes out and boom! Stuff gets broken,” says the “Wolfman” in another ad. Driveway, he says, is the perfect answer to floppy disks that keep getting damaged.
Creative director Dave Helfrey said the agency had to use testimonials to generate interest, but did not want the usual “boring crap.”
“Next, we want to bring the King of the Mole People to the screen,” Helfrey said. “We don’t know why he’d use a data-storage product, but we’ve got a couple of months to figure it out.”
The spots air nationally on cable through June. There is a limited print component, and the agency has also set up fake Driveway accounts, accessible to the public, for the characters in the ads.
–Tim Nudd