Worldwide Partners Welcomes 3 New Shops

NEW YORK Worldwide Partners, an affiliation of nearly 100 agencies around the world, has added three new members: South Korea’s Smart Group and California shops Alt. and The Search Agency, according to Worldwide Partners.

The network now includes 94 shops, which employ some 4,700 staffers at 154 offices in 53 countries. “Our newest partners reflect our goal of not just expanding geographically into key markets like Korea, but also across disciplines such as CRM and search,” said Al Moffatt, president and CEO of Worldwide Partners in Denver. Each of the new members is independently owned.

The Search Agency in Santa Monica specializes in search engine marketing, optimization and conversion optimization services. Alt. in Alameda is a digitally driven customer relationship management specialist and Smart Group is an ad agency. Smart becomes Worldwide’s 10th member shop in Asia.

Worldwide serves as a means for smaller regional shops to extend their geographical reach and resources by partnering with other members.

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